ANN: wxBrowser 0.3.0

Johan Lindberg johan at
Sun Aug 28 13:57:28 CEST 2005

wxBrowser 0.3.0 is available for download at SourceForge.

The wxBrowser is an application browser, which is similar to a regular
web browser, but it doesn't read HTML to generate and display content;
it reads wxwML (XML), generates and dynamically executes wxPython GUI

GUI events are bound to URLs instead of functions. If an event is
triggered the wxBrowser requests a new document from the URL, expecting
wxwML back. It translates the wxwML into wxPython code and executes it.
See for more info

This is a complete rewrite of 0.2.5. I added support for "client-side
scripting" and the possibility to add and/or customize handling of

Note! This version of the wxBrowser has no "Open URL" dialog so you
must enter the URL at the command prompt.

You can download the python source from SourceForge
and there's a sample application at
that you can use to test it.

More information
See: and

The wxBrowser is still very "work in progress", there's still lots of
things to be done but this version is complete enough to play around
with and try out the idea. I haven't had the opportunity to try this
version on any other OS than Windows XP. If you do, please let me know
what happens.

WARNING! By adding client-side scripting I've also made it rather EASY
to have the wxBrowser execute "malicious python code" that can possibly
harm your computer so please be careful with what applications you
point your wxBrowser to. I won't take responsibility for any damages
done to your computer by using this software.

Johan Lindberg, 2005-08-28
johan at

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