PySyck-0.55.1: Initial Release

Kirill Simonov xi at
Tue Aug 30 20:03:58 CEST 2005

PySyck: Python bindings for the Syck YAML parser and emitter

YAML_ is a data serialization format designed for human readability and
interaction with scripting languages.

Syck_ is an extension for reading and writing YAML in scripting
languages. Syck provides bindings to the Python programming language,
but they are somewhat limited and leak memory.

PySyck_ is aimed to update the current Python bindings for Syck.
PySyck_ may be used for various tasks, in particular, as a replacement
of the module pickle_. Please be aware that PySyck_ is a beta-quality
software and is not ready yet for production use.

You may download PySyck_ source and Windows binary packages from

It is the initial release of PySyck_.

.. _YAML:
.. _Syck:
.. _PySyck:
.. _pickle:


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