akismet 0.1.2, cgiutils 0.3.5, pathutils 0.2.3

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 12:53:27 CET 2005

Hello All,

A new release and two updates.

New akismet.py 0.1.2

Python Interface to the Akismet API
Version 0.1.2 4th December 2005

`Akismet <http://www.akismet.com>`_ is a web service for recognising
spam comments. It promises to be almost 100% effective at catching
comment spam. They say that currently 81% of all comments submitted to
them are spam.

It's designed to work with the `Wordpress Blog Tool
<http://wordpress.org/>`_, but it's not restricted to that - so this is
a Python interface to the `Akismet API

You'll need a `Wordpress Key <http://wordpress.com>`_ to use it. This
script will allow you to plug akismet into any CGI script or web
application, and there are full docs in the code. It's extremely easy
to use, because the folks at akismet have implemented a nice and
straightforward {acro;REST;REpresentational State Transfer} API.

It also comes with an `example CGI

(Although the akismet feature of an "example positive" doesn't seem to
be working currently - there fault not mine :-)

You can read the full (Python) docs at :

* `akismet.py Docs

Download it here :


cgiutils 0.3.5 - pathutils 0.2.3

pathutils 0.2.3 November 26th 2005
cgiutils 0.3.5 November 26th 2005

These two modules contain functions and constants for *'general'* use.
They are
both included as part of the `Voidspace Pythonutils Package
<http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/modules.shtml#pythonutils>`_ .
(A new release of pythonutils - containing these updated modules - is
due shortly).

**Pathutils** contains various functions for working with files and
paths. This
includes (amongst other thing) :

* Easy ways to iterate over files and directories
* A function to calculate a relative path from one location to another
* Several 'convenience' file reading/writing functions
* `py2exe <http://www.py2exe.org>`_ directory support
* A function for pretty printing file sizes
* A simple solution to cross-platform file locking
* Import from a specific location

See the `pathutils Homepage

**CGI utils** has (guess what... {sm;:?:}) various functions for use
with CGI.
It contains functions to do things that every CGI has to cope with.
They are
most useful for simple scripts, where a full blown framework would be

It includes (amongst other thing) :

* Functions for receiving form submissions
* Cross platform functions to send emails (including creating
* A basic templating system
* A {acro;DNS;Domain Name System} blacklist lookup
* A function to generate a menu line for pages with lots of results

See the `cgiutils Homepage

Download them here :

(25k) (both modules)

{small;The zip file has text versions of the docs for these two

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