imaplib module with IDLE implememted via threads

Piers Lauder piers at
Fri Dec 9 05:19:00 CET 2005

If anyone needs the IMAP4 extension "IDLE", there is a copy of an enhanced
imaplib module available for download here:

This is an IMAP4rev1 mail protocol client class using threads for parallel
operation. It is modified from the non-threaded version included in the
standard Python distributions, but presents (a superset of) the same API.

I have named this version "imaplib2" as it uses threads to implememt
the necessary callbacks, and it doesn't seem necessary to burden the
orginal module with requiring threading.

The module has been in production use for several months, and seems stable.

Piers Lauder

<P><A HREF="">imaplib2</A>
IMAP4rev1 mail protocol client class using threads to implement the IDLE extension.

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