ANN: PIL 1.1.6 alpha 1 (december 11, 2005)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Dec 11 15:44:53 CET 2005

The first "official" PIL 1.1.6 alpha is now available from

(look for Imaging-1.1.6a1.tar.gz)

Notable additions since 1.1.5:

+ Added pixel access object.  The "load" method now returns
  an access object that can be used to directly get and set pixel
  values, using ordinary 2D array notation:

    pixel = im.load()
    v = pixel[x, y]
    pixel[x, y] = v

  If you're accessing more than a few pixels, this is a lot faster
  than using getpixel/putpixel.

+ Added buffer interface support to the Path constructor.  If
  a buffer is provided, it is assumed to contain a flat array of
  float coordinates (e.g. array.array('f', seq)).

+ Added new ImageMath module:

and a bunch of bug fixes and minor tweaks.  For a more complete
list of changes, see:

enjoy /F

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