Flightdeck-UI Online development release 0.5.0 available

George Belotsky python at openlight.com
Thu Dec 15 01:20:32 CET 2005

The goal of the Flightdeck-UI project is to apply ideas from aircraft
instrumentation design to general-purpose user interfaces.

The Flightdeck-UI Online 0.5.0 development release focuses on some
code cleanup and documentation (mostly based on analysis with pylint)
starting from the previous stable release, version 0.4.0.

See the homepage:
or download directly from:


What is Flightdeck-UI
The goal of the Flightdeck-UI project is to apply ideas from aircraft
instrumentation design to general purpose user interfaces.  The
project has released the following packages.
  * Flightdeck-UI Online is a Web-based monitoring system/dashboard,
    which allows you to create multiple control panels to observe a
    diverse set of variables. You view these control panels entirely
    through a web browser (requires Flash).
  * Flightdeck-UI Multi-Variable Monitor(MVM) is a monitoring
    system/dashboard application that you install locally.  It runs
    under both Windows and Linux. MVM includes a graphical editor
    (with theme support) for creating monitoring consoles.
  * Flightdeck-UI Library is a collection of virtual instruments that
    you can use in your own programs. Both Flightdeck-UI Online and
    Flightdeck-UI MVM use the library.

Flightdeck-UI Online and Flightdeck-UI MVM share the same plugin
architecture.  The online version, however, is capable of monitoring
each plugin at a different sampling rate.  Both applications can track
multiple heterogeneous data sources (hosts on the Internet, embedded
devices, etc.) simultaneously.  Plugins can use threads, simple
synchronous I/O, or asynchronous I/O; the distributions contain
examples of each type.

For example, almost any Unix command that you enter manually via the
shell can be automatically executed by Flightdeck-UI Online or
Flightdeck-UI MVM, and the results displayed by the system's virtual
The author welcomes ideas and suggestions: please email them directly
to "python at openlight.com".

Best Wishes,
George Belotsky.

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