BS Exporter for Blender bart at
Tue Dec 20 21:45:25 CET 2005

In the last months i developed at area42 a feature-rich and fast VRML/
X3D exporter for Bitmanagement's high performance viewer BS Contact
This initial release includes support for real-time shadows, static
radiosity lighting, dynamic particle effects, compression,
multi-texturing, normal and environment maps, movie textures, animation
and custom interaction scripting from within Blender itself
... and a lot more :)

Best of all: Bitmanagement offer this to the Blender community for free
including a full documentation!
The exporter is a Python Script that uses the special Blender Python

Check their Site:

The exporter can be downloaded from the Download Center:

The documentation is freely available both in the SDK preview and the
private SDK:

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