ANN: pyx12-1.1.0

John Holland john at
Tue Feb 1 21:48:59 CET 2005

What's New: 
Corrected a number of validation bugs. 
Added many unit and functional tests. 
xmlx12 - translate an XML document created with the x12_simple
conversion back to an X12 document: 
x12xml -Xsimple test.txt | xslt test.xsl | xmlx12 > output.txt 
x12norm - normalize an X12 document. Create/strip end of line
Refactor interfaces. 
What is Pyx12? 
Pyx12 is a HIPAA X12 document validator and converter. It parses an
ANSI X12N data file and validates it against the Implementation
Guidelines for a HIPAA transaction. By default, it creates a 997
response. It can create an html representation of the X12 document
or can translate to an XML representation of the data file. 
Where can I get it? 
Pyx12 is available at

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