[Ann] ANTLR 2.7.5 released with native Python support

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Fri Feb 4 11:34:09 CET 2005

ANTLR 2.7.5 has been released, which includes full native Python support

What is ANTLR

ANTLR, ANother Tool for Language Recognition is a language tool that 
provides a framework for constructing recognizers, compilers, and 
translators from grammatical descriptions containing Java, C#, C++, or 
Python actions. ANTLR is popular because it is easy to understand, 
powerful, flexible, generates human-readable output, and comes with 
complete source. ANTLR provides excellent support for tree construction, 
tree walking, and translation. There are currently about 5,000 ANTLR 
source downloads a month.

As ANTLR is an LL(k) compiler generator, it is much more flexible and 
powerful than Yacc/Lex types of translators. It also has excellent support 
for error-handling built in.

ANTLR has extensive documentation, a load of examples in the source 
distribution, and a very active mailing list. ANTLR is supported by its 
development team as well as by its community of users all over the world.

What's new in version 2.7.5

The 2.7.5 version of ANTLR is the first with full native Python support. 
ANTLR requirs Java to create the recognizers, compilers, and translators, 
but the generated code is pure Python. A lot of examples of using ANTLR 
with Python are available in the source distribution.

ANTLR works on all types of UNIX platforms as well as Windows. For the 
latter OS binary installers are also available.


We reserve no legal rights to the ANTLR -- it is fully in the public 
domain. See the Software License on the ANTLR website for details.

Where can I get it?

You can download it from the ANTLR website:

Best Regards,

The ANTLR Development Team
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