[ANN] Movable Python 0.4.6

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Thu Feb 10 12:04:14 CET 2005

A new release of Movable Python is available - 0.4.6

This fixes a few issues including a bug in the Python 2.2 support, and
a fix for a psyco/IPython incompatibility issue.

We have a new icon and logo thanks to Aidan Ashby -

Due to bugfixes (in movpy) we can now offer a prebuilt environment for
Python 2.2 that includes wxPython and SPE. The prebuilt environments
feature updated versions of several components (SPE, IPython, readline)

Downloads - http://sourceforge.net/projects/movpy
Documentation - http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/movpy

What is Movable Python ?

Movable Python is a way of building portable, standalone, Python
environments. The result is a version of Python that can be used
without having to install python on the target machine. (Currently
windows only - but could be ported to Mac using py2app and Lunix using
cx_freeze). This means you can carry around a prebuilt python
environment on a USB memory stick - Python on a stick. Come and get
your gannet ripple, python on a stick..... [1]

This is useful for :

* Machines where you don't have admin rights (can't install programs)
* Where you need a portable 'Build, Test, and Run' Python environment
(will nicely fit on a usb memory stick)
* Having several versions of python on the same machine for
forward/backward compatibility testing
* Easily deploying python scripts without having to install python
* Try before you buy - test python without having to install it,
including new versions
* 'Python Runtime Environment'. '.py' files can be associated with

With the addition of wxPython, SPE [2], and IPython [3] it becomes a
full 'Build, Test, and Run' environment.

What's Available ?

>From sourceforge ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/movpy )  :

The source distribution that allows you to customize and build your own
environments. This requires py2exe.

Prebuilt environments for Python 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4.

Environments are available either as 'basic' build, or 'standard'

Basic comes with the standard library, psyco, and IPython.
Standard has wxPython and SPE included.

What Has Changed ?

    2005/02/07      Version 0.4.6a
    Movpy Icon and image added by Aidan Ashby -
    Changes by Michael
    We use exec rather than eval (which shouldn't be used with
`multiple statement code objects`)
    IPython isn't called if -p is on (psyco and IPython don't play well
together yet)
    IPython won't be called if psyco.full() has been called in your
    locals() and globals() are now passed explicitly to interactive()
(optional if you use interactive yourself)
    (This was an attempt to make IPython work with psyco - which it
doesn't yet !)
    Fixed a bug in Python 2.2 support - 'exclude_modules' now works !
    Forced package import for encodings. SPE now works with python 2.2
- but still 'experimental'.
    Icon is now used in python 2.2
    Plus the pre-built environments use newer versions of readline,
IPython, and SPE


Michael Foord

[1] For the 'Pythonically Challenged' this alludes to the python's
sketch where John Cleese is dressed as an usherette selling ice-creams
during the interval in a british film-house. He shouts: "Albatross!
Albatross! Stormy-petrel on a stick! Gannet ripple!". Silly Monty
Python reference supplied by John Davenport.

[2] Stanis Python Editor IDE - see http://spe.pycs.net

[3] IPython - enormously flexible interactive shell for Python. See

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