ANN: Kamaelia's Axon 1.0.3 released

Michael Sparks michaels at
Fri Feb 11 13:07:01 CET 2005

Axon 1.0.3 has been released!

What is it?

Axon is a collection of pure python modules from the Kamaelia project
which allow you to build concurrent systems in a compositional manner
using communicating python generators. Components are python generators
are augmented by inbox and outbox queues (lists) for communication in a
CSP like fashion.

Put another way this allows you to build complex systems out of small
concurrent components in a fashion similar to unix pipelines, except
rather than being limited to just stdin/stdout you can have whatever
inputs/outputs you desire. (The defaults are inbox/outbox,

Axon should be relatively feature complete and the API stable, given
its design has been fleshed by use in the Kamaelia project. Given
Kamaelia components for building network servers, pygame wrappers &
vorbis playback have been written using Axon so far, we expect that
Axon should be useful for other areas where multiple activities need
to be handled within a single thread, whilst allowing the code to
remain looking more or less single threaded.

Documentation is generated directly from the test suite output.

What's new in version 1.0.3?
Major performance enhancements for the general case where people run
without -OO flags to Python. (It's actually practical to run without
the -OO flags now) The reason for this is that the debug subsystem
was rewritten. Changes to the debug system should also reduce the
risk of Heisenbugs at a later point in time.

   * Split debug.debug.debug/debug.debug.note into two halves:
      * areDebugging(self,section,level)
        This performs the check to see if we're debugging at a specific
      * debugmessage(self, section, *message)
        This outputs the specific message with associated debug

   * All functions in Axon (more or less - couple of exceptions) changed
     over to use the new style debugging approach. Means that in order
     to have sensible runtime speed you no longer have to run with
     python -OO flags.

Also from version 1.0.2:
   * API documentation has been added (though a work in progress!)
   * Examples Directory with corrected examples

Where can I get it?

Axon is a sub-project of the BBC R&D Kamaelia project, which means Axon
is downloadable from

Web pages are here: (includes info on mailing lists)

ViewCVS access is available here:

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