ANN: SimPy 1.5.1 release

Klaus Muller kgmuller at
Sun Feb 13 20:39:28 CET 2005

It is our pleasure to announce the release of SimPy 1.5.1. It can be 
downloaded from:

SimPy is a process-based discrete-event simulation
package based on standard Python.

 From this version on, SimPy is released under the
GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL). This change in licensing (from mGPL 
oroginally)has been made to allow/encourage the use of SimPy by 
commercial firms.

SimPy provides the modeller with components of a simulation
model. These include processes, for active components like
customers, messages, and vehicles, and resources, for
passive components that form limited capacity congestion
points like servers, checkout counters, and tunnels. It also
provides monitor variables to aid in gathering statistics.

Changes relative to version 1.5:


       Starting with this version 1.5.1, SimPy is being
       released under the GNU Lesser General Public License
       (LGPL), instead of the GNU GPL.

- Minor re-release otherwise

- No additional/changed functionality

- Includes unit test file'' which had been
   accidentally omitted from 1.5

- Provides updated version of 'Bank.html' tutorial on using SimPy for 
queuing models.

- Provides an additional tutorial ('Bank2.html') which shows
   how to use the new synchronization constructs introduced in
   SimPy 1.5.

- More logical, cleaner version numbering in files.

- Improved source code/API documentation (produced by

Klaus Muller Tony Vignaux

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