ANN: PyWerbGal Initial 0.1

Paweł Mączewski pawel at
Tue Feb 15 07:58:45 CET 2005

PyWebGal Initial-0.1 Release!

What is PyWebGal?

PyWebGal is a web gallery generator written in Python. It operates on
directories (folders) on disk, copying their structure and creating a set of
thumbnails, so-called slides (scaled images on html pages), and number of
HTMLs: index page and page for each "slide".

PyWebGal is plugin-based. Additional fuctions (such as autorotating pictures
that have a special Image Orientation exif data set) can be easily added. I
hope the "API" for plugins is as simple as can be.

PyWebGal uses Cheetah templates to generate HTMLs. The templates are compiled
into .py files, so the end user doesn't have to have Cheetah modules
installed. It uses PIL for scalling the images. 

This is only a initial release, and there's much in the TODO, but the script
is allready operational.

Features in Initial-0.1
Since this is an initial release, there's no changelog. But the basic features
right now are:

* creating of static HTML albums based on directory structure on disk, 
* one "theme" for HTMLs, 
* simple and easy to use "API" for creating additional plugins

* support for more "themes",
* write good piece of docs,
full TODO list can be found on project website

PyWebGal is released under the BSD License.

On the Web
Project homepage:

Very, very simple example:

It can be downloaded from SourceForge:

Bugs & Feature Requests
Since there's no mailing list now, you are welcomed to submit bug reports and
feature requests direct to me (pjmacz at 

Paweł Mączewski
jabberID: kender at

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