[ANN] ConfigObj update - v3.2.5

fuzzyman at gmail.com fuzzyman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 16:00:51 CET 2005

ConfigObj has had another update - now version 3.2.5

This update includes 3 bugfixes and several new features. Because of
the bugfixes it's reccomended for all users. New features include -
lines can now be broken over two or more lines, initial and final
comments in a config file are preserved (or can be set) when using the
write method, we can now read/write config files directly to and from a
StringIO object, and empty values are now valid (like 'value=' as per
ini files).

Homepage : http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/configobj.html
For downloading, see the download section of the homepage.

What is ConfigObj

A python module (class) for ultra simple reading and writing of simple
config files, including config files with sections. Designed to allow
the greatest flexibility in the config files it will read (and your
users will create).

Many flexible features - but you don't need to use them !

What's New ?

The last announced release was 3.2.3, changes since then include :

   2005/02/15        Version 3.2.5
   Changes so that ConfigObj can work with StringIO instances, by Wayne
       (for a project that receives a configuration file over a socket
as a string.
       It is used as the source text for a StringIO object)
   Lines can be extended across more than one line, with the '\'
       (must be final character on line - it escapes the newline)
   Empty values can be written 'value=' (like the ini file - but read
only currently)
   Errors whilst parsing now report the line they occurred in
   Duplicate keys and sections are now reported as errors (bug fix)
   isflatfile can now handle '[' inside '\*.. *\' comments (bug fix)
   Fixed bug in handling of final line of '\*.. *\' comments
   If the first and last non empty lines of a config file are comments
they will be preserved as config.initial_comment and self.final_comment
      These are written out when the write method is called (but not
the writein method)
      New list attributes self.initial_comment and self.final_comment
   self.sectionfile is always set to the opposite of self.flatfile
         2005/01/07        Version 3.2.4
   Use absolute paths for stored filename. Avoids problems when cwd is

There have also been a few other improvements to voidspace modules.
Hopefully I'll soon be announcing upgrades to approx,
approxClientproxy, and downman.py.

There is now more detailed information on customizing Movable Python
distributions. See http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/movpy



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