[ANN]: twander 3.195 Released And Available

Tim Daneliuk tundra at tundraware.com
Thu Feb 17 22:28:04 CET 2005

'twander' Version 3.195 is now released and available for download at:


The last public release was 3.193.

This release fixes one very minor bug and implements a single new

     - It is now possible to hide "dotfiles" in the list of displayed
       files and directories.  This can be toggled from the keyboard.

Barring the discovery of significant bugs, this is expected to be the
last version of 'twander' released for some time. No further feature
enhancements are planned at this time (though suggestions and user
"wish-lists" are still encouraged).

Complete details of all fixes, changes, and new features can be found in
the WHATSNEW.txt file included in the distribution.

Users are strongly encouraged to join the twander-users mailing list as
described in the documentation.

A FreeBSD port has been submitted as well.

What Is 'twander'?

'twander' is a macro-programmable Filesystem Browser that runs on both
Unix-like systems as well as Win32 systems. It embraces the best ideas
of both similar GUI-driven programs (Konqueror, Windows Explorer) as
well as text-based interfaces (Midnight Commander, List, Sweep).

Or, If You Prefer The "Elevator Pitch"

'twander' is:

    - A better file browser for Unix and Win32. (Tested on FreeBSD, Linux, Win32.)
    - A way to make browsing the same on all the OSs you use.
    - A macro-programmable tool that lets *you* define the features.
    - A GUI navigation front-end for your shell.
    - A way to "can" workflows for your technically-challenged colleagues.
    - A way to free yourself from the shackles of the mouse.
    - A way to significantly speed up your day-to-day workflow.
    - A Python/Tkinter application - about 5000 lines of code/comments
    - A RCT (Really Cool Tool) that will have you addicted in a day or two

See the web page for more information, a screen shot, and the complete

Tim Daneliuk
tundra at tundraware.com

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