[ANN] PyComicsViewer 0.9.10

ionutz borco at go.ro
Mon Feb 21 10:43:33 CET 2005

What is PyComicsViewer?

Is a comics viewer written in python, PyGTK and PIL. I made it as I
didn't fully like any of the existing viewers and I wanted something
that works the same (nice) way on both Linux and Windows.

Because of the way it was implemented, you can also use it like a kind
of image browser/viewer, but this is not its primary destination.
Browsing images from uncompressed directories is provided because
resulted naturally from the implementation and because I've seen some
people that distribute their scaned comics uncompressed.

Changes in 0.9.10 (2005/02/20)
* added logging system based on python's logging system and a tab in
  preferences to configure it
* show the ReadMe window when other windows than the pycomicsviewer.py
  are started directly.
* close the application with the ESC key
* show corectly the name of the current file on the status bar
* solved bug that prevented the open of a comic after trying to open
  a non-existing comic (using the history, for example)


PyComicsViewer is released under the GPL.

Where can I get it?

Home page:

Latest version:


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