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We're proud to announce the 0.3 version of SiGeFi, which you can find

What is SiGeFi?

SiGeFi is a Financial Management System, with focus in the needs of
the administration of the money in each personal life and house.

Always keeping the easy usage and concepts, SiGeFi has features of a 
complex Management system:

- Complies with Double Entry Accounting

- Has a Budget-based Money Distribution system

- Allow to make Loans between accounts (with associated financial

And of course, it's completely written in Python (didn't decided the
GUI yet).

What is in this version?

Functionality change:
- Added the LoanChecker, a programmable asynchronous alert that verifies
  the loans due date.

Internal changes:
- Ended the docstrings, and generated the classes documentation using
  epydoc (that soon will be published in the web as part of its content).
- Translated all the code texts to English, and did the gettext integration,
  so now SiGeFi is multilanguage (so far we have English and Spanish only).
- Bugfixing.

Specified the SiGeFi graphic interface. In the manual-gui.html document we
described each window's functionality, and also we added an image for each
one, so if you want to have a preview of how the GUI will look, there you
have it).

See roadmap.txt to find out the milestone for each version.

Be aware that most of the documentation is not translated yet, it's only
in Spanish.

What can I expect for the next version?

To us to finish the GUI (with all that that implies) and some other

- See if we replace the PersitentDict with a shelve.
- Study the consistency controls of Pickle, and implement some if
- Define the boot procedure and code it in
- Set up the web page.

How can I help?

In a thousand ways, there's a lot of things to do: documentation,
fixing code, translations, set up the web page, etc...

If you want to participate, send us a mail to the list 
(sigefi-list at or directly to us.

Thank you.

.    Facundo

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