[ANN] mlabwrap v0.9 released

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at gmx.net
Sun Feb 27 20:07:43 CET 2005

This release just adds OS X support to setup.py (thanks to Josh Marshall).
I've also made some recent improvements to the website, based on user

In the absence of any bug reports so far I'd tentatively consider mlabwrap as

Dowload from:


What is mlabwrap?
A high-level python to matlab(tm) bridge (low-level access is also possible).

It should work with recent python >=2.3 and matlab(tm) >=6.0 versions and
under practically any supported by both matlab and python (I'm using linux
myself, but thanks to user feeback windows and OS X should also work fine).

Here is a short demo snippet:

    >>> from mlabwrap import mlab
    >>> import Numeric
    >>> mlab.lookfor('singular value')
    GSVD   Generalized Singular Value Decompostion.
    SVD    Singular value decomposition.
    >>> help(mlab.svd)
    mlab_command(*args, **kwargs)
     SVD    Singular value decomposition.
        [U,S,V] = SVD(X) produces a diagonal matrix S, of the same
        dimension as X and with nonnegative diagonal elements in
    >>> mlab.svd(array([[1,2], [1,3]]))
    array([[ 3.86432845],
          [ 0.25877718]])


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