Movable Python

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Wed Jan 5 11:32:07 CET 2005

Movable Python has just been released on sourceforge. Movable Python is
a frozen distribution of Python. It will run python scripts without
needing to be installed.

Fancy trying out Python 2.4 without installing it ? Want a distribution
of python you can carry around on a flash card ? Need to test scripts
with several versions of python ? Movable Python may be for you.

Features include :

* Lightweight GUI for choosing scripts to run
* Interactive interpreter mode
* Understands many of the python command line options
* Configurable distribution builder
* Pre built environments come with IPython and psyco
* The standard distribution includes wxPython and SPE (the python IDE)
making it an ideal 'Build, Test and Run' environment
* Additional modules can be easily added - either when building
distribution or to a prebuilt environments

The docs are online at voidspace. The distribution builder (source) and
two prebuilt environments (for python 2.4) can be downloaded from

Distributions are built using py2exe. Running (the
'source') needs py2exe installed. This also means the source and
distributions are currently windoze only. We are interested in porting
to mac (with py2app) and Linux (cx_freeze ?).

This was previously available as testenv 'Test Environment'.. Recent
changes include :

2005/01/02      Version 0.4.4
More changes by Michael
When not using IPython, interactive() will find locals() for itself.
(Meaning interactive() can be called in user scripts)
Added the 'manuals' folder to the distribution.
Added the -p command line option, to switch on psyco.
Switched to using compile/eval rather than exec/execfile. (Better
for psyco *and* more meaningful error messages)
A fix so that errors will report the right line number with '-x'.
Changed config file to include winsound and unicodedata.
Modifications to and to make them
compatible with python 2.2.
A built in '' for python 2.2. (can now autobuild
distributions on python 2.2)
IPython should now work on machines that don't have it installed !
(ipythondir is now set and config file supplied)
If you don't select a file from the GUI, it now drops into
interactive mode.
Can supply path to config.txt in command line to
Tweaked the directory finding function - which finds directories we
will search.
Fixed it so that movpyw doesn't generate error logs with '-' if
launched from GUI with no file.
Added PyDistFreeze.bat
IDLE now works, so added idle.bat.

2004/12/31      Version 0.4.3
Support for IPython as alternative interactive shell.
External config file ('config.txt' in 'lib/' directory) - for
setting default command line options.
Added 'credits' and 'copyrights' as builtins (for IPython).

2004/12/28      Version 0.4.2
Another set of changes by Michael Foord.
Added support for command line arguments -h, -V, -u, -i, -x, -, -c
(hey that's a lot for one evening  !)
The main script '' is now kept in an external file.
'include_modules' now supports sub-packages.
Added back support for encodings.
packagepaths.pth added for sub-package support with

2004/12/29      Version 0.4.1
Lots of changes by Michael Foord.
They include :
addition of
addition of syspaths.pth
Cleans up intermediate files.
Copies packages properly.
Only copies the microsoft Visual C 7 dlls if built with Python 2.4.
Addition of unicows dll is optional.
Addition of spe.bat.
Builds the windows version - movpyw.exe
Added the manifest files.
Added the build option.

2004/12/19      Version 0.4
Several important changes by Bruno Thoorens.
These include :
Lightweight GUI frontend added to movpy.exe. incorporated into main script - name changes to
Icon added.

2004/12/18      Version 0.3
More work with Stani.
'.pth' files now supported.
Importing from '.pyc' etc. as well as straight '.py' files.
Added external config file, using ConfigObj.

2004/12/17      Version 0.2
Renamed 'Movable Python'. (Executable is 'movpy.exe')
Cleaned up a lot - now imports subpackages properly.
Thanks to Stani of SPE for encouragement and suggestions. (including
the name)

2004/12/14      Version 0.1
Test version called 'testenv' - Python test environment.
Works better than expected.
Thanks to Bruno Thoorens and Stani for help and debugging.

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