Chicago Python Users Group: Thu 13 Jan Meeting

Ian Bicking ianb at
Mon Jan 10 09:25:40 CET 2005

The Chicago Python User Group, ChiPy, will have its next meeting on
Thursday, 13 January 2005, starting at 7pm.  For more information on
ChiPy see

This month the topic will be An Introduction To Jython, presented by
Brian Zimmer.  Jython is an implementation of Python that runs on the
Java Virtual Machine.

Brian Zimmer has been using and developing Jython for over 4 years.
He is the author of zxJDBC, the Python DB API implementation for
Jython as well as recently taking over primary maintenance for the
Jython project.  Brian recently receive a grant from the Python
Software Foundation for his project "Moving Jython Forward."

There will also be time to chat, and many opportunities to ask
questions.  We encourage people at all levels to attend.


This month we will be meeting in the Monadnock Building Conference
Room 826, 53 W Jackson St, in downtown Chicago.  This is immediately
adjacent to the blue line and an easy walk from all Metra stations and
the CTA red line, at the corner of Jackson and Dearborn.

Because the meeting is held after-hours for the building, we need to
provide a list of attendees.  Please send your name (as it appears on
your ID) to tobis (at) mailbag dot com (if you aren't sure you'll
be able to come, send your name anyway).

If you drive, aim for the Congress Parkway exit from the Ryan (I-90/94)
or the east end of the Eisenhower (I-290). About 5 blocks east and 2
blocks north once you enter the street grid is the entrance you are
looking for. (Alternatively, exit Lakeshore at Congress and head west
about 5 blocks.)

There are numerous paid parking lots in the area. If you're adamantly
opposed to parking structures sometimes a meter can be found, especially
on the south side of Congress around Printer's Row.

Refreshments will be provided, but unfortunately there will be no live
network connection, so if you have something you want to show, bring it
along on your laptop.

About ChiPy

We meet once a month, on the second Thursday of the month.  If you
can't come this month, please join our mailing list:

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