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Jim Fulton jim at
Fri Jan 14 23:00:39 CET 2005

PyCon is not just a conference to hear people present on Python and
Python applications.  It's also a place to meet and work with
colleagues from around the world.

Consider the following opportunities for collaboration:

- Sprinting

   A sprint is a multi-day session of intense development organized
   around extreme programming (XP) ideas such as pair programming.
   There will be four days, March 19-22, before the regular conference
   to sprint on a variety of projects.  To see what sprints are
   planned, see:

   If you would like to lead a sprint, feel free to add the sprint
   to that page.  If you want to participate in a sprint, visit
   a sprint-topic page and add your name to the list of attendees so
   that we know how many people are coming.

   If you have a question about the sprints, feel free to drop me
   a line.

- Open Space

   Open space is a part of PyCon designed to provide opportunities for
   collaboration.  There are two kinds of open space at Pycon, quiet
   and noisy.  There will be a quiet room provided throughout the
   conference for people to access the network and to quietly hack with
   others (e.g. pair program).

   There will also be noisy rooms for people to have discussions or
   give informal presentations.  The noisy rooms will host up to two
   presentations or discussions at a time.  We'll provide the
   opportunity to sign up for 30-minute time slots.  We'll allow sign
   up for half of the time slots before the conference.  There will
   be a posted schedule with spaces to sign up for the remainder of
   the time slots during the conference.

   I'll provide more information on the open space schedule soon,
   after we finalize the rest of the conference schedule.


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