ANN: BOTEC 0.3 -- An astrophysical and orbital mechanics calculator

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Sun Jan 16 01:27:04 CET 2005


     BOTEC is a simple astrophysical and orbital mechanics calculator,
     including a database of all named Solar System objects.


     BOTEC is intended as a simple but useful calculator to assist with
     making astrophysical, orbital mechanics, and space navigation
     calculations.  As the origin of the acronym applies, BOTEC is more
     of a "back-of-the-envelope calculator" rather than an
     industrial-strength calculator, although this may change in the

     BOTEC is primarily intended for people familiar with physics and
     Python, and as such is unlikely to be useful to the average
     enduser.  BOTEC really consists of two parts: The BOTEC software,
     which knows what to do with the data, and the Solar System data
     itself, which is represented in a large data file (a Python
     pickle, actually).  This is deliberately modularized so that the
     Solar System data BOTEC uses can be updated independently of thet
     software, and also that alternative data files (*e.g.*,
     hypothetical stellar systems for fictional purposes) can be

     All values are strictly in SI units.

Getting the software

     The current version of botec is 0.3.

     The latest version of the software is available in a tarball here:

     The official URL for this Web site is


     BOTEC requires Python 2.3 or greater.

     In its present state, BOTEC will also not be of much use to
     endusers not familiar with Python, or people without some basic
     working knowledge of physics, astrophysics, orbital mechanics, and
     space navigation.


     This code is released under the GPL.


Release history [since 0.2]

     - 0.3, 2005 Jan 15.  Separate transfers from maneuvers; support
       Oberth maneuvers.

     - 0.2.1, 2005 Jan 8.  Various collected modifications.

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