[ANN] XPN - X Python Newsreader 0.4.0 released

Nemesis nemesis at nowhere.invalid
Wed Jan 19 19:26:36 CET 2005

XPN is a multiplatform newsreader written in Python+GTK2. It is unicode
compliant and has features like scoring/action rules, configurable
attribution lines and random taglines, search facilities and filtered
views, import/export newsrc ...

You can find it on:


I'd really appreciate every type of feedback.

Changes in this release:

    * v0.4.0: added off-line reading. Now you can download the whole bodies, or mark
              some article and download their bodies.
    * v0.4.0: added Keep Article and Watch/Ignore SubThread
    * v0.4.0: added actions rule, now you can !keep, !watch, !ignore (and so on) your
              article through rules
    * v0.4.0: now XPN stores the position and the size of Main Window and Edit Window
    * v0.4.0: now you can customize the charsets list XPN use to encode your outgoing
    * v0.4.0: improved speed when loading groups list in Groups Window.
    * v0.4.0: fixed a bug in the binary version that caused a crash trying to subscribe
              a group
    * v0.4.0: added Oriental Charsets support (thanks to Python2.4)
    * v0.4.0: added Global Search, you can search the whole groups and put the results
              in a virtual group
    * v0.4.0: added filtered views
    * v0.4.0: moved to GTK2.4 and Python2.4
    * v0.4.0: added a TraceBack viewer and an error logger
    * v0.4.0: reorganized some menus
    * v0.4.0: now the background color is changed also on Groups Pane and Headers pane
    * v0.4.0: added a lot of little features/enhancements
    * v0.4.0: fixed a lot of bugs
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