Microsoft to Provide PyCon Opening Keynote

Steve Holden pycon at
Sun Jan 23 22:06:56 CET 2005

Dear Python Colleague:

The PyCon Program Committee is happy to announce that
the opening keynote speech, at 9:30 am on Wednesday
March 23 will be:

    Python on the .NET Platform, by
    Jim Hugunin, Microsoft Corporation

Jim Hugunin is well-known in the Python world for his
pioneering work on JPython (now Jython), and more
recently for the IronPython .NET implementation of

Jim joined Microsoft's Common Language Runtime team
in August last year to continue his work on Iron Python
and further improve the CLR's support for dynamic
languages like Python.

I look forward to hearing what Jim has to say, and
hope that you will join me and the rest of the Python
community at PyCon DC 2005, at George Washington
University from March 23-25, with a four-day sprint
starting on Saturday March 19.

Early bird registration rates are still available for
a few more days. Go to

for the current schedule, and register at

Steve Holden
Chairman, PyCON DC 2005
PyCon DC 2005: The third Python Community Conference
The scoop on Python implementations and applications

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