Logix 0.4 Released

tom at livelogix.com tom at livelogix.com
Tue Jan 25 10:57:40 CET 2005

Logix version 0.4 has been released.


Logix is a multi-language programming system for Python.

>From the website:

Logix is more than a programming language. It is multi-language
programming system. With Logix, each part of your program can be
developed in a language that is finely tuned to the task.

Featuring a procedural macro facility, dynamic syntax extension,
and multi-language parsing. A new operator, complete with syntax
and semantics, can be added on-the-fly with a single line of code.

Logix is released under the GPL. A new (less restrictive) license is
in the pipeline.

Changes in 0.4:

Improved scope rules for operators and languages

Free-text parsing for handling things like XML and literate

A more general, language-independent parser.

Lots more - for more information see:


Tom Locke,

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