ANN: F2PY - Fortran to Python Interface Generator

Pearu Peterson pearu at
Sun Jan 30 20:26:21 CET 2005

F2PY - Fortran to Python Interface Generator

I am pleased to announce the ninth public release of F2PY, version
2.45.241_1926. The purpose of the F2PY project is to provide the 
connection between Python and Fortran programming languages.

For more information, see


What's new?

* Added support for wrapping signed integers and processing .pyf.src 
  template files.

* F2PY fortran objects have _cpointer attribute holding a C pointer
  to a wrapped function or a variable. When using _cpointer as
  a callback argument, the overhead of Python C/API is avoided
  giving for using callback arguments the same performance as calling
  Fortran or C function from Fortran or C, at the same time retaining
  the flexibility of Python.

* Callback arguments can be built-in functions, fortran objects,
  and CObjects (hold by _cpointer attribute, for instance).

* New attribute: ``intent(aux)`` to save parameter values.

* New command line switches: --help-link and --link-<resource>

* Numerous bugs are fixed. Support for ``usercode`` statement has been

* Documentation updates.

	Pearu Peterson

<P><A HREF="">F2PY 2.45.241_1926</A> -
The Fortran to Python Interface Generator (30-Jan-05)

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