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Sun Jul 10 19:01:29 CEST 2005

GDL - GNU Data Language, a free IDL (Interactive Data Language - see clone.
(IDL 6.0 compatible incremental compiler capable of running programs
written in IDL)
Version: 0.8.10

Note: If you never heard of IDL or GDL you probably don't need to read

GDL can now be build as a python module, allowing IDL/GDL routines to
be called from python (for python standards the installation is quite
unusual but simple, see INSTALL and PYTHON.txt for details). This is in
early beta stage right now. Depending on the interest, the interface
might be extended in the future.

For passing arrays to and from python, GDL uses numarray.



Gaurav Khanna provides binaries for Mac OS X on his HPC page:


*FULL* syntax compatibility with IDL 6.0

*ALL* IDL language elements are supported, including:
     _EXRA, _REF_EXTRA and _STRICT_EXTRA keywords,
     Objects, Pointers, Structs,
     Common blocks, Assoc variables,
     Arrays, System variables,
     All operators, All data types...

Compiles on Linux and Mac OS X (10.2, 10.3, and 10.4)

The file input output system is fully implemented
(Exception: For formatted I/O the C() sub-codes are not supported yet)

Most image file formats (jpeg, tiff, ...) are supported.

netCDF files are fully supported.
HDF file support.
Basic HDF5 file support.
READFITS and WRITEFITS from the IDL-Astrolib are working.

Graphical output is partially implemented. The PLOT, OPLOT, PLOTS,
XYOUTS, SURFACE and TV commands (along with WINDOW, WDELETE, SET_PLOT,
WSET, TVLCT) work (important keywords, some !P system variable tags and
multi-plots are supported) for X windows, z-buffer and postscript

A GUI (widgets) is not implemeted yet.

Check it out!

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