[ANN] Boa Constructor 0.4.4

Riaan Booysen riaan at e.co.za
Wed Jul 13 12:16:20 CEST 2005

Hi everyone,

Boa Constructor 0.4.4 has been released and is available from the
SourceForge file download page.


Summary of changes since 0.4.0:

* The entire sourcecode base is now upgraded to wxPython 2.5 style code.
* Python code has also been modernised.
* Improved Python code completion and call tips.
* New controls supported: wx.DatePickerCtrl, wx.GridBagSizer.
* Registration api added for plug-ins.
* Improved wxMAC compatibility.
* Python and wxPython docs now included in the main download.
* Many bug fixes.

Requires wxPython 2.5 or higher.


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