ANN: PyMedia 1.3.5-pre1 for Windows

Dmitry Borisov dborisov at
Thu Jul 14 19:27:23 CEST 2005

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that early prerelease of PyMedia 1.3.5 is out.

What is it ?
PyMedia is a media library for Python based on the following libraries:
  libavcodec,  libavformat,  libdvdcss, libdvdread

It has simple interface and yet powerfull for writing multimedia apps in

1. Audio decoding/encoding for the following types:
   - mp2, mp3, ac3, ogg, wma
2. Video decoding/encoding for the following types:
   - mpeg1,2 ( dvd, vcd, svcd ), mpeg4, xvid, asf, mov
3. Video/Audio muxing for mpeg files only
4. Direct access to sound device( Input/Output ). Input is synchronous in
5. Sound manipulation classes such as Resampler and SpectrAnalyzer
6. Direct access to cdda tracks for easy grabbing and encoding Audio CDs
7. Direct access to dvd tracks for playing DVD movies( all types )
8. Ability to convert video frames from YUV<->BMP formats
9. Simple interface and portability( Windows/Linux/cygwin )

What's new
1. FLAC support
2. Muxer object is suitable for audio and video and become global for
    It enables simpler audio/video demuxing
3. Video playback rate was tuned to be as close to mplayer as possible
4. Precompiled version for Python2.4 on Windows available
5. Sound module for Windows works

1. AAC decoder does not work correctly
2. WMA decoder has been corrupted and may not play somethimes
3. Video encoding has bugs with PTS/DTS handling
4. Muxing for OGG does not work

Just check the and download the latest
Windows binary version( 1.3.5-pre1 ).
There is no tarball available since existing version resides in CVS.
You're welcome to try it out on Linux !

How to use
First of all you can see PyCar application

For everything else see the tutorials on a web site
 Please note that some of the chapters may not be up-to-date.
 Let me know if something does not work for you !


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