ReleaseForge 0.9.1 - A SourceForge & Freshmeat release tool stuff at
Fri Jul 15 22:58:04 CEST 2005

ReleaseForge 0.9.1 is now available for immediate download at:


About ReleaseForge 0.9.1:

- ReleaseForge now attempts to "guess" the SourceForge CPU (Processor)
type of each file added to a release based on it's filename.

- A batch update facility was added which allows the user to quickly
modify the status (hidden or active) of multiple releases.

- Context sensitive menus (right-click) have been added to the main
window\'s projects & packages (listviews).

- ReleaseForge now also checks for Windows $HOMEDRIVE & $HOMEPATH
environment variables on startup if $HOME is not found.


About ReleaseForge:

ReleaseForge is a GUI application designed for project administrators
and release engineers of projects that are hosted at SourceForge. It is
intended to make it easier and faster to create a new release and edit
existing releases rather than using the SourceForge Web interface.

ReleaseForge streamlines the release effort by prompting you for
information regarding your new release (version info, change log,
release notes, files to include, etc). It then seamlessly negotiates
with the SourceForge Web server, creating your release, posting your
release notes/change log, uploading your files to the SourceForge FTP
server, selecting the files for inclusion in your release on the
SourceForge Web server, updating the file attributes of each of the
files and then, if appropriate, notifying monitoring users of the new

ReleaseForge also includes support for posting Freshmeat news
announcements and SourceForge project news announcements.


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