ANN: SPE 0.7.4.a Python IDE s_t_a_n_i at
Thu Jul 21 02:22:25 CEST 2005

Quick release for wxPython2.6, use at your own risk

Major bugfix release for wxPython 2.6+ and Mac Os X (This version
doesn't work for sure with wxPython versions lower than Bug
reports which are related to wxPython 2.6- will be ignored.

SPE has a new website: Update your



- packagers for Linux and Mac Os X
- patches
- doc writers and translators
- SVN development
- donations


:New Features:

- editor:       call-tips for classes
- preferences:  configurable shortcuts (see shortcuts/
- preferences:  word characters for autocompletion and calltips
- sidebar:      improved browser with filters
- sidebar:      realtime updating now works


:Bug fixes:

- major bugfix for wxpython 2.6+
- major bugfix for Mac OS X
- notebooksizer deprecations
- blender:      support only exposed if run inside blender
- editor:       autocompletion (case sensitive)
- editor:       correctly scrolling to lines
- editor:       encoding
- editor:       improved call tips for classes
- editor:       no sash, no crash
- editor:       save checks if file exists
- editor:       scrollbars (no invisible source anymore)
- editor:       source gets focus properly
- editor:       find dialog gets focus if already opened
- editor:       shortcut for dedent is now Shift+Tab
- preferences:  added word characters
- sdi:          Tool pane has no toolbar
- shell:        pressing Tab no longer inserts a tab in the editor
- sidebar:      realtime updating
- tool:         find now also executes on enter
- tool:         find doesn't use notebooksizer anymore
- tool:         find now also executes on enter (Yoyong Hernan)
- tool:         browser add new folder starts from current folder
(Yoyong Hernan)



- full python 2.3+
- wxpython 2.6+
- optional blender 2.35



- Howard Jones (75 euro, thanks!)
- J P Dowd (8 euro)
- Mickey Hadick (5.00)

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