ANN: MyNewspaper 1.2

Iñigo Serna inigoserna at
Sun Jul 24 11:59:00 CEST 2005

Hi there,

I'm really pleased to announce the second public release of MyNewspaper.
MyNewspaper v1.2: "faster (25-35%), cleaner (100%), smaller(69%) and even 
more robust(100%)".

If you liked the first version but thought... uhmm it's buggy and slow, 
then this is your release. In fact first version was a proof of concept 
to get some attention and feedback.

What is MyNewspaper after all?
MyNewspaper is a personal RSS Aggregator and Reader, licensed under GPL.

Why? As everybody says, I couldn't find any which fulfills all my
requirements. In fact I used liferea and was pretty happy with it, but
it eats lot of memory when you have many feeds and the program is
running for much time, but the main problem was that it's a desktop
program and I couldn't read the feeds from the work.

So I started writing my own RSS aggregator and reader. MyNewspaper is
written in Python with a bit of javascript and uses sqlite as permanent
storage for the articles. From v1.2 up sqlobject is used as an abstraction 
layer for database access, so it would be very easy to support other 
database engines.

It is installed as a CGI, so in order to use and manage it you need a
web browser and a web server. Feeds are updated by a command run by cron
or from the WebUI.

v1.2: "faster (25-35%), cleaner (100%), smaller(69%) and even more
              * a major rewrite and clean up of the whole code
              * uses sqlobject as database abstraction layer
              * uses Cheetah Template as html template
              * generated html is valid now
              * bugs fixing
        IMPORTANT NOTE to upgrade from v1.0:
              * download and install sqlobject and Cheetah Template
              * copy all the needed files to the directory overwriting
                old ones
              * you need to upgrade db:
                $ cd /path_to/mynewspaper
                $ ./

Home page and download
Read more and download it from:


Of course, all comments, suggestions etc. are welcome.
And yes, I know code is really awful now, but I wanted to make a public
release to get some feedback while improving the code.

Best regards,
Iñigo Serna <inigoserna at>
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