ANN: Tahchee v.0.9.0 (intial release)

Sébastien Pierre sebastien at
Fri Jul 29 15:55:11 CEST 2005

Hi all,

This is the first public release of Tahchee - a static website build  
system that uses the Cheetah template system.

Tahchee is a tool for developers and webdesigner that allows to  
easily build a static website using the Cheetah template system. It  
was created to fill in the gap between bare templates and macro- 
processing systems and dynamic template-based websites.

Tahchee acts both as a build system (à la "make") as well as an  
extension to the Cheetah template system that makes it really easy to  
build small to medium-sized websites.

Tachee is ideal for writing open-source project or small-company  

Check the homepage at (http:/, where you can learn  
more and download the latest version. Tahchee is released under the  
revised BSD license.


  -- Sébastien

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