ANN: Pythonutils, listquote, and ConfigObj UPDATE

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Thu Jun 2 17:28:53 CEST 2005

*UPDATE* to the Pythonutils modules.

(Please note that due to technical difficulties updated evrsions of
ConfigObj and rest2web aren't yet available from Sourceforge - pelase
download from Voidspace instead - apologies)

The main update is to the listquote module, which has two bugfixes and
several optimisations. Because of the bugfixes it is recommended that
all users of listquote, pythonutils, fullconfigobj, and configobj,
upgrade to newer versions which are now available.

The previous version would lose the last list member in a string like
'["first member", "second member", ""]'.

Version 1.3.0 1st June 2005
Parsing strings into lists (even nested lists).
Handles comments and quotes. (etc)

    Fixed bug in lineparse handling of empty list members.
        Thnks to bug report and fix by Par Pandit
    The 'unquote' function is now regex based.
        (bugfix it now doesn't return a tuple if fullquote is 0)
    Added the simplelist regex/function.
    elem_quote and uncomment use a regex for clarity and speed.
    Added a bunch of asserts to the tests.

Version 0.2.0 1st june 2005
Changes since 0.1.0
Added walkdirs generator.
Added rounding to formatbytes and improved bytedivider with divmod.
Now explicit keyword parameters override the configdict in formatbytes.

The pythonutils module 0.1.1
This contains both updates above and an updated version of cgiutils.

If the windows binary installer isn't available (I need to find a
Python 2.3 machine to build it on as installers built on 2.4 require
the dll from MSVC 7 on the *target machine*) then just use the source
distribution - it's a pure python module anyway.

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