ANN: SimPy 1.6 released

kgmuller kgmuller at
Sat Jun 11 15:36:47 CEST 2005

We are happy to announce the release of SimPy 1.6.

SimPy is a process-based discrete-event simulation language based on
standard Python and released under the GNU LGPL.

It provides the modeller with components of a simulation model. These
include processes, for active components like customers, messages, and
vehicles, and resources, for passive components that form limited
capacity congestion points like servers, checkout counters, and
tunnels. It also provides monitor variables to aid in gathering
statistics. A GUI framework for simulations is included, as is plotting 
of results.

SimPy can be downloaded from the SimPy web-site:

The new version:
Release 1.6 is a new production version of SimPy. It adds
two new commands for modelling reneging (processes leaving a queue for
a resource before acquiring the resource) to the SimPy API:

- 'yield (request,self,resource),(hold,self,timeout)'
   for timeout-based reneging
- 'yield (request,self,resource),(waitevent,self,list_of_events)'
   for reneging triggered by one out of a list of events

Two models showing the use of these statement forms are  included in the 

The SimPy Manual and the Cheatsheet have been restructured and edited 
significantly for greater clarity.

SimPy 1.6 runs SimPy 1.5.x. scripts unchanged.

Download, experiment and enjoy! Any feedback is welcome!

Klaus G. Muller   Tony Vignaux


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SimpPy wiki:

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