ANN: PyEnchant 1.1.3

Ryan Kelly ryan at
Wed Jun 15 16:44:40 CEST 2005

I'm pleased to announce the release of PyEnchant version 1.1.3.  This
release includes several new pieces of functionality as well as the
usual bugfixes:

   * support for Python 2.2, if you have an updated distutils
   * use 'locale' module to look up current language if none specified
   * more and better regression tests
   * mark deprecated interfaces with warnings
   * removed <data> parameter to Dict constructor, with lots of
     reshuffling behind the scenes
   * added DictNotFoundError as a subclass of Error
   * tested and tuned unicode support
   * bug fixes:
        * memory leak in DictWithPWL._free()
        * incorrect cache handling for PWLs

Users of previous versions are encouraged to upgrade.  There is also an
updated and expanded tutorial available on the project website.




Enchant ( is the spellchecking
package behind the AbiWord word processor, is being considered for
inclusion in the KDE office suite, and is proposed as a standard. It's completely cross-platform because
it wraps the native spellchecking engine to provide a uniform

PyEnchant brings this simple, powerful and flexible spellchecking
engine to Python:

It also provides extended functionality including classes for tokenizing
text and iterating over the spelling errors in it, as well as a
ready-to-use text interface and wxPython dialog.

Current Version: 1.1.3
Licence: LGPL with exemptions, as per Enchant itself

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