ANN: rest2web 0.3.0

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Mon Jun 27 12:11:34 CEST 2005

Next update to restweb__. This is available for direct download__, and
via SVN__. [#]_


.. [#] The SVN repository also has the Pythonutils__ dependencies.

Sourceforge__ will be updated *soon* [#]_.

.. [#] Flipping work internet restrictions.

We're now up to version **0.3.0**. The changes since the last announced
release are : ::

    Version 0.3.0       2005/06/27
    Code refactored and better commented.
        Thanks to Nicola Larosa for input.
    Minor bugfix - an encoding was missing.
    Added stylesheet to docutils options override.

    Version 0.2.3       2005/06/25
    Code style cleanup with help from Nicola Larosa.
    Start of the refactoring (some code is simpler internally)
    ``uservalues`` now compatible with reST.
    docs updated appropriately.

The *major changes* are the code cleanup and refactoring. If you want
to understand how *rest2web* works, it should now be possible to follow
it in the code [#]_!

.. [#] No more passing data structures in and out of the

>From the users point of view, the biggest change is that you can now
use *uservalues* with reST markup. This does have limitations that I
might try and find a way round. See the uservalues__ page for the


Best Regards,


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