pyvm - a portable python virtual machine

Antonio Cavallo pyvm at
Sat Mar 5 21:59:14 CET 2005

pyvm 1.4.9 
"More batteries to your python"


  pyvm is a relocatable python binary distribution containing
  several modules. Its main aim is to provide all this without 
  requiring root access.


  * pyqt (widget set)
  * pygtk (widget set)
  * nummarray (array and matematical)
  * pyqwt (plot widget in qt)
  * matplotlib (plot function similar tomatlab)
  * Imaging (a digital imaging library)
  * elementree (xml library)
  * and many many more.



  MIT for the building script,
  other licence terms apply to the singular package (see the docs) 


  Antonio Cavallo pyvm at

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