cx_bsdiff 1.1

Anthony Tuininga anthony at
Wed Mar 9 18:46:15 CET 2005

What is cx_bsdiff?

bsdiff is a very simple Python extension module that allows Python to 
perform the same tasks as the bsdiff utility available from and runs on any platform on which 
Python runs.

Where do I get it?

What's new?
  1) This is the first release of this project. I have used it at our
     company for a couple of years now and found it quite useful. I have
     written a script that accepts a source and target directory and
     performs a diff between the two, storing the binary differences in a
     pickled file which can then be used to reconstitute the target
     directory given the source directory and the patch file. I am
     willing to make this available if there is enough interest.

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