ReleaseForge 0.5 - A SourceForge project release tool

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Sun Mar 20 04:04:52 CET 2005

What is ReleaseForge?  How silly of you to ask, but I shall satisfy
your silly curiosity nonetheless.

Are you a project administrator -or- release tech/engineer of at least
one SourceForge-based project?  If not, skip this message and don't
read further... ReleaseForge is not for you.

Still with me?  Then you must be responsible for file releases of one
or more SourceForge projects, either that, or, you're desperately in
need of a life since ReleaseForge is of no use to you.

ReleaseForge is a GUI application that offers many advantages to using
SourceForge's package release system:

- ReleaseForge allows you to quickly and effortlessly create a new
release of one of your SourceForge project packages.

- When creating a new release, you enter the release information
(version number, change log, release notes) and then specify the files
to include in the release.

- ReleaseForge guesses the type of file (.gz, .zip, .rpm, .exe, etc...)
for each of your files.

Once you are satisfied with the release, ReleaseForge does all of the
tedious work so that you don't have to:

- Contacts SourceForge and adds your new release to your project's

- Uploads all of your files for the release to the SourceForge FTP

- Uploads your release notes and change log.

- Automatically selects each of your uploaded files for inclusion in
your new release.

- Automatically applies the processor type and file type to each of
your files.

- If applicable, notifies monitoring users of the new release.

These are just some of the awesome ReleaseForge features, you can learn
more by checking out the ReleaseForge site at:

There is a FAQ and lots of pretty pictures of supermodels, err,
screenshots.  Either way, you'll be glad you visited the site, or not.

ReleaseForge is written in Python (version 2.3 or greater) and uses
PyQt for it's snazzy user interface.  


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