pyExcelerator 0.4.0a available for download

Roman V. Kiseliov unicorn at
Sun Mar 27 15:24:06 CEST 2005

Hi all!

pyExcelerator 0.4.0a with sources is available for download from

 0.BSD-like license.
 1.Generating Excel 97+ spreadsheets with Python 2.4+
 2.Support for UNICODE
 3.Using variety of formatting features and printing options
 4.Excel BIFF8 dumper and MS compound documents dumper
 5.No need in Windows and COM servers

 Please send bug reports and feedback to roman at
 You can use anonymous CVS access provided by SourceForge to download
 source of pre-alpha versions.
 Project site at SourceForge:
 Hope you'll like this pyExcelerator :-)
        Roman V. Kiseliov,
        roman at

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