ReleaseForge 0.6 - A SourceForge project release tool

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Tue Mar 29 20:22:12 CEST 2005

ReleaseForge 0.6 is now available at:

New to version 0.6:

* The ability to edit existing SourceForge releases
* Some UI tweaks
* Some random bug fixes
* Some code cleanup
* Stays crispy in milk

In case you're not already familiar with ReleaseForge:

ReleaseForge is a python GUI that allows SourceForge users (project
admins and release techs) the ability to create and edit SourceForge
releases of their projects.  ReleaseForge provides an alternative (re:
much improved, more intuitive) interface than the usual SourceForge web

ReleaseForge also allows users to create new project packages and
update existing packages.

ReleaseForge is developed in Python (requires version 2.3 or greater)
using PyQt (v3.3 or greater) and contains 100% real fruit juice.  A
Windows installer is also available that includes all of the software

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