CVXOPT 0.3 - A Python Package for Convex Optimization.

Lieven Vandenberghe vandenbe at
Tue Mar 29 22:28:54 CEST 2005

CVXOPT is a package for specifying and solving convex optimization 
problems.  Version 0.3 is a pre-release and includes the following.

* Sparse and dense matrix extension types, interfaces to most of the
   BLAS 'double' routines, interfaces to the dense linear equation
   solvers and symmetric eigenvalue routines from LAPACK, interfaces to
   the sparse linear equation solvers UMFPACK and LDL and a simple
   C API for extension writers.

* A linear programming solver written in Python.

* A modeling tool for specifying convex optimization problems with
   piecewise-linear objective and constraint functions.

Future releases will include solvers and modeling support for other
classes of convex optimization problems (for example, quadratic,
geometric, second-order cone and semidefinite programming).

Joachim Dahl
Lieven Vandenberghe

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