Myghty 0.97 Released

mike bayer mike at
Tue May 3 18:34:04 CEST 2005

Myghty 0.97 Released

Myghty is a Python Server Page templating framework and view-controller
paradigm designed for large-scale, high availability websites and
applications.  Written and optimized from the ground up to complement
mod_python, as well as WSGI, CGI and application embedded environments, its
conceptual design and template syntax is derived from HTML::Mason, the most
widely used web application platform in the mod_perl world.  It is designed
with both the migrating Mason user and the original Python user in mind,
supporting not just the full featureset of Mason, including a fully
componentized development paradigm, page inheritance, autohandlers,
dhandlers, component caching, friendly exception handling, etc.  but also
many Pythonic and environment-agnostic enhancements including full Python
whitespace support within templates, a "module component"-based controller
paradigm (compare to Servlets), a fully customizable rule-based URI
resolver, full support and helper methods for multithreaded environments,
component-specific flags for buffering, caching and whitespace trimming,
environment-agnostic session support, full support for WSGI, an
out-of-the-box demonstration runner, and a streamlined design taking
full advantage of Python's unique architectural features.

Version 0.97 brings higher-scaling memory management features, a new
resolver strategy paradigm allowing full control of URI resolution and
caching, fully customizable error handling, multiple character encoding
support, and a new AJAX toolkit example illustrating seamless integration
of Python functions and Myghty Methods with javascript.

Since its last comp.lang.python.announce announcement in October 2004,
Myghty has gained a fair userbase in its first nine months which is growing
at a fast pace, being used on a handful of commercial and non-commercial
sites.  It receives favorable reviews for its ease of use, small footprint,
quick and smooth operation, and great flexibility.

Myghty is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
Documentation, examples and download links can be found at:

Michael Bayer

mike... at

<P><A HREF="">Myghty 0.97</A> - A high performance
Python Server Page templating framework derived from HTML::Mason.

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