ANN: PyXG = Python + Xgrid

Brian Granger bgranger at
Wed May 4 07:53:54 CEST 2005

Announcing PyXG

PyXG = Python + Xgrid


PyXG provides a Python interface to Xgrid, Xgrid is Apple's solution 
for running jobs on a cluster of Macintosh computers. The main goal of 
this project is to enable users to submit and manage Xgrid jobs on a 
cluster of Macs from a Python script or within an interactive Python 


-- 	Use Xgrid from within python scripts as well as in interactive 
Python sessions

-- 	Submit and manage simple (one task) and batch (many task) Xgrid jobs

-- 	List available grids and query their status

--	List active Xgrid jobs, query their status and perform various 
	(delete, restart, etc.) on them

--	Easily work with more than one Xgrid controller or grid at the same 

--	Quickly create sets of jobs using Python's powerful syntax

The homepage for PyXG is at:

Apple's description of Xgrid is at:

Brian Granger

Brian E. Granger
Assistant Professor of Physics
Santa Clara University
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