[ANN] IronPython 0.7.4 & Boo 0.5.3

D H a at b.c
Thu May 5 17:43:39 CEST 2005

IronPython 0.7.4 was released for .NET 2.0.

Here are the changes:
* reload() is now implemented
* site.py, IRONPYTHONPATH and IRONPYTHONSTARTUP environment variables
(see below for more details)
* implementation of sys.stdin
* raw_input and input functions were implemented
* Assignment to a slice not implemented (on list)
* implementation of built-in function reversed()
* float numbers now print correctly with decimal point
* missing attribute access on old-style generates correct error

The full release announcement is here:


Boo 0.5.3 was released for .NET 1.1 and Mono.

Changes since 0.5 include multidimensional arrays, implicit duck 
(dynamic) typing and other expanded duck typing features, and an option 
for fast raw array indexing.  The SharpDevelop boo addin was improved, 
and a MonoDevelop addin for boo is now in MonoDevelop's SVN repository.

Full announcement:

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