ANN: rest2web 0.1.0

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Mon May 9 12:44:40 CEST 2005

Finally, the long awaited (*ahem*) release of **rest2web**.
It's an early release - lot's more features still to be added - but it
all works. *Hurrah*

rest2web is a tool for autogenerating websites. It allows you to store
your contents in reST format, and generate pages and indexes from
templates. It uses a simple but flexible templating system and
generates index pages and navigation links.

This means that adding new pages is as easy as dropping a text file
into the right folder. rest2web will handle adding the link to the
index page and creating the new page from a template and the contents.
Removing a page is as easy as deleting a single file, and have rest2web
automatically rebuild the indexes.

The download includes the rest2web code, and docs, and a test site. The
test site serves as a simple illustration of how rest2web builds pages
and indexes.

For full details see any of the following pages :

* `rest2web Docs` -
* `Example Site` -
* `Quick Download (608k)` -

The next features to add will be auto sitemap generation and a bigger
change (under the hood) to make the index data available to every page
in a section. This will allow pages to have sidebars with links, rather
than just a single index page per section.

I'm already building part of the Voidspace website with rest2web, over
the next few months it will take over....

Lots of other features, tested on Linux and Windoze.


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