Topic - Tutorial: Web programming in Python with Paste

Ian Bicking ianb at
Tue May 10 02:44:50 CEST 2005

Topic - Tutorial: Web programming in Python with Paste

This month Ian Bicking will be presenting a tutorial Python web
programming, using several different systems: Python Paste,
Webware/WebKit, Zope Page Templates (not just for Zope!), and
SQLObject.  The technology covered will be similar to those presented
in the To-Do tutorial.  Except it will be live and in person.

I (Ian) plan to develop a small application from scratch in front of
everyone without preparation (or even forethought) -- you will get to
gasp in disappointment or awe as I no doubt both embarrass and redeam
myself.  Hopefully this will present a realistic picture of what
development is like with the stack, mistakes included.

There will also be time to chat, and many opportunities to ask
questions.  We encourage people at all levels to attend.


This month Dave Rock and Acxiom will be hosting ChiPy in Downer's

    3333 Finley Road
    Downers Grove

Near the intersection of I-355 and Buttefield Road. Convenient to Fry's!
There's ample parking!  Carpooling from the city?  Check the mailing list.


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