[ANN] Solipsis, a shared virtual worlds in python

Emmanuel Breton emmanuel.breton at logilab.fr
Tue May 10 11:23:51 CEST 2005

Hello every one,

    I am pleased to announce the release of Solipsis, licensed under the
GNU Lesser General Public License.

    Solipsis is a peer-to-peer system for a massively
multi-participant virtual world. Like any real pear-to-pear system,
there is no server at all: it only relies on end-users' machines.

    The shared virtual worlds of nowadays MMORPG strongly rely on
privately owned servers. These servers are an expensive bottleneck
that limits their scalability. In addition, these servers bound the
freedom of the virtual world inhabitants and the imagination of the
world-builders and developers. Solipsis solves these problems with a
free and open-source system.

Solipsis is a public virtual territory. The world is initially empty
and only users will fill it by creating and running entities. No
pre-existing cities, habitants nor scenario to respect...

Solipsis is open-source, so everybody can enhance the protocols and
the algorithms. Moreover, the system architecture clearly separates
the different tasks, so that peer-to-peer hackers as well as
multimedia geeks can find a good place to have fun here!

Getting the software
    The current version is 0.8.1, 
    available as a tar.gz and as a windows installer


Official Web site

    Current implementations of node and navigator require:
    * pythonâ(at least 2.3)
    * wx-pythonâ(at least 2.5)
    * twistedâ (at least 1.3, 2.0 not tested yet)
    * Python Imaging Library (PIL)â


Emmanuel Bréton                                 LOGILAB, Paris (France)
Tel: 01 45 32 03 12                              http://www.logilab.org
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