Europython update

Jacob Hallen jacob at
Wed May 11 23:22:12 CEST 2005

This is a news update about the Europython 2005 conference, to be held
in Göteborg, Sweden 27-29 June

- We have received a very nice array of talks this year, and we expect
  to be the biggest Python conference ever in terms of subjects
  covered. Many thanks to all the speakers who are putting their
  efforts into this.

- A list of talks is now available,either through the "Track Overview"
  menu item on the Europython website, or directly at

- Around the end of May we will be soliciting input from all attendees
  on what talks they aremost interested in. This information will be
  used in scheduling, in order to reduce the amounts of collisions
  between popular talks and in order to reduce the risk of overcrowding
  a small room with a talk that turns out to be very popular.
- Early bird registrations end 15 May. Registration for the low cost
  accomodation close to the conference venue ends on the same day.
  We may have further accomodation available at a later date, but we
  can't make any promises.

- Please help us become the biggest Python/Zope conference. Talk to
  your friends about Europython and write about the conference in your
  blog. The more people who show up, the more we can spend on getting
  the best and most interesting talks.

- This year we have a special focus on Python newbies in the Tutorials
  track. If you have staff or customers who need a well rounded introduction
  to Python, send them to Europython 2005.

For all conference details, go to:

See you in Göteborg.

EuroPython Team.

About EuroPython: Europython is an annual conference for the Python
and Zope communities. It circulates between different sites in
Europe. Having started in Charleroi, Belgium, it is now in Göteborg,
Sweden and will move to CERN in Swizerland next year. Europython is a
community conference run by volunteers.


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